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Sep 01, 2014

I am using Notes in Articulate Storyline to allow the user to view the script. The default font for the Notes is Articulate. I would like to change it to Calibri. Is there a way to change that default?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello all!

If you're still subscribed to this discussion, I wanted to share that the feature mentioned has been released! In Storyline 360 (Build 3.85.31840.0), you can now instantly update the formatting of all slide notes in your project.

From here, all you need to do is update Storyline 360 in your Articulate 360 desktop app!

If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team in a support case. 

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Andrew Sellon

Hi, Carla!  You're not missing anything.  Storyline v1 is missing something.    To my knowledge, there is no way to globally reset the Notes font.  Mike Enders did a Screenr to show how you can export the text, change the font in MSWord, then reimport it, using Storyline's translation feature:  

They are currently working on the next version of Storyline.  I placed a request for this Notes font feature some time ago, but I don't know if it will make it into the next version of Storyline.  The more of us that request it, the more of a priority any feature will become.  You can place your feature request here: 

I know this isn't the answer you hoped for, but I hope it helps.  



Orland Outland

Agreed.  This is a real grind.  I can cut and past Calibri 12 point into a new slide...and it magically becomes Calibri 9 pt.  And as soon as I backspace to enter new's the default Articulate font again.  If nothing else, 12 point should be the default.

I'm consistently hitting a wall with Storyline in terms of ADA compliance.  Nobody but an eagle-eyed kid can read 9 point type.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Orland,

If the font is just changing on your slides without any input from you, I'd first want to check that you're working on local project files as described here and if not, you may want to try importing it into a new project to resolve any odd behavior. Additionally, if you're seeing random behavior on all your files, it may also be worth looking at conducting the repair of Storyline. 

Cindy Ross

Correct.  Setting this is Slide Master doesn't change it. Cut/Copy still changes font size too.  Nothing keeps the font the desired size and font type set.  Definitely needs to be corrected - is very time consuming.  

Tried new project - template - Microsoft word - from the slide itself.  Nothing keeps font to a desired size/type (such as that which is defined in the slide master)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for confirming you're on SL2. I see what you're referring to in regards to the slide master notes, and the changes you make there are not carried into the slide itself - or into the player. If you update the individual slides though in the Notes section, I do see that appear correctly within the player set up when previewing the course. As I mentioned though, there is still no global change element for the Notes. 

Cindy Ross

Correct Eric ;-) Here's the update on details of both so you know which
was which:

Case 00436445 > Notes section not keeping font size and bold correctly

STATUS UPDATE: I understand that the font size and style in the published
Word document does not match the font used in the Notes section of
Storyline 2. Thanks for uploading your project files and for allowing us to
review them! We were able to duplicate the issue you reported. When I
published your project in Storyline, some of the font size in the Word
document was changed to 8 (from size 9), and the bold style is not copied
into the Word document as well.We have reported these issues to our Quality
Assurance team for their review. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if
this issue will be addressed. I would recommend, at this time, to take a
different approach so that you continue working on your project.>>Gren
Foronda, Customer Support Engineer-Articulate

Feature Request: Change Master Slide to enhance NOTES so that Font/Size
can be changed in Storyline.
Feature Request Number: 00438001
Request Details: Please enhance Storyline 2 Notes Section so that in the
Master Slide the "Notes" section can be addressed with font/size to be used
in the project from the default Open Sans/9pt.

Happy holidays,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Cindy for sharing the case numbers here - I was able to check and confirm that it's still with our QA team and ensured that this thread is associated with the report we've filed so that once there is any additional information to share - we'll be sure to include here as well. So as long as you stay subscribed, you'll receive any updates via email. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Buel, 

The issue with Notes formatting when publishing to Word is still something we have reported to our QA team. Sharing that it's a major issue for you as well helps us when our team looks at prioritizing bug fixes, and here's more information on how we identify and tackle bugs.

I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on this issue. Thanks so much again for letting us know about this, and I’m sorry if it’s slowing you down.

Buel Newman

Huh? This has nothing to do with publishing to Word.

If you adjust the Notes font and size in the slide master, it will change the font but the size will always default to 9pt, which is completely illegible for most humans and must be adjusted regardless of how you're publishing.

I can't for the life of me understand how something so basic that has been reported in tons of threads for years doesn't get fixed. I get that you guys have your priorities, but I mean come on. You haven't even updated SL2 for six months.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Buel,

I'm sorry for my let me back up a bit. 

You asked if it was fixed, and I assumed you were referring to Cindy's most recent response about her case with our Support Engineers. In her reply she shared how it was reported to our team to investigate as a software bug. That issue is still open. 

I can see now that you're referring to the slide master notes and adjusting the font there. The notes section in a slide master isn't going to be referenced on each individual slide, which is why some elements like font size don't carry over. That is a slide by slide setting.

We did make changes in Storyline 2 as to how the individual slides notes can be formatting and that is detailed here.

Buel Newman

The notes section in a slide master isn't going to be referenced on each individual slide, which is why some elements like font size don't carry over. That is a slide by slide setting.

Okay, but why? Can't you see how that's not useful? 

The entire purpose of a slide master is to set defaults by layout. If I create a new slide using a slide master and it doesn't pull the formatting I set on the slide master for the notes section, but it pulls every other bit of information, how is that not an oversight?

Why does it even allow me to edit the formatting on the notes section in the slide master — and retain that information when i close and go back to that master — if it's not going to reference the information?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone!

I had another user reach out with a similar question/concern here.

We certainly understand the frustration and I cannot speak to why, but we can proactively use this time to get this feature request in.

I've submitted the feature request on your behalf, adjusted the priority based on user impact, and will bring this up for discussion internally.

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