Delay between slides when viewing via web

Sep 05, 2013

Hi all

When we publish a Storyline file for viewing via the web (which is how most of our projects are viewed), there is a consistent delay when navigating to a new slide (using buttons as triggers). Once a slide is loaded, there is no delay in viewing content on that slide--including content on different layers of the slide. But if you click a button that triggers a new slide, the delay occurs.

Does anyone else encounter this latency issue? Is there a way to resolve it? It has become a significant issue, that our clients would like us to resolve...and I don't have an answer!

Thanks for any help...


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Lee Millard

Hi Phil! I'm using SL2 and am noticing this in the Flash version as well. I know this post has been almost 3 years old, but am wondering why it would be delayed. The slides using images that are designed as buttons using triggers. Not sure if that helps.

Also, the master slide has a lot of triggers loaded on it. Would that cause delay?



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