Delay on Retry Button on Results slide in Articulate 360

Apr 16, 2018

Has anyone experience this before and have any insights on a solution?

There is a lag on the Retry Button on my results page for my course. The triggers are the same default ones, but I have to click multiple times for the retry button to actually take me to the quiz itself. This happens not only in the articulate review link, but also upon previewing the file, and publishing the scorm file in the SCORM cloud. This has never happened previously.


Example of what I'm seeing when I'm testing out my file:

1) Took the final exam 1 time ... landed on my results page
2) Clicked the retry button --- it worked as desired and reset my results and then also took me back to the exam to retake it
3) Landed on my results page for a 2nd time ... clicked on the Retry button
4) My results reset, BUT I was not taken back to retake the exam ... I paused for a moment ... clicked the retry button again ... and this time it did take me back to my exam....

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