Second Exam Attempt at A Later Date

Dec 21, 2018

On the failure layer of the results slide of one of our exams, we have a retry button that does the following when clicked:

- adds 1 attempt - we use variables to track and limit the number of attempts
- resets the results slide
-Jumps to the first question so they can retake the exam

However, we require users to wait 24 hours before taking their second attempt
The issue we are having is that when users come back 24 hours later, the exam isn't reset even if they click this button before closing out the first time. They can't click it again, because the results don't show upon revisiting. If we move these triggers to a slide that isn't on the results slide, will it fix the issue of users not being able to reset the results slide so they can take their next attempt?

Thanks in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Philip.  Tell me a little more about what happens when users leave and then resume this course. 

  • After they click to retry the quiz, do they return to the first question?  Do they then exit the course?
  • Or, do you advise that they exit the course on the results slide, and click to retry when they resume?
  • When they resume, what slide do they see?

If you'd like to share your .story file here for me to have a look, please feel free!  Or you can use this link to keep it private.

Philip Deer

Hi Crystal,
After the last question, we have the following slides:

  • a slide that asks if they are ready to submit since SL doesn't prevent from submitting if there are unanswered questions.
  • one more slide to make sure they are truly ready to submit
    • This slide has a button to go to the first question and review or to submit and go to the results slide
  • The results slide
    • This failure layer has a button that says click for next steps which adds a variable of 1, resets the results slide, and jumps to the next slide. The button changes to disabled when clicked
  • One slide to ensure they are ready to take another attempt
  • One slide to make sure they have fulfilled the criteria and waited to take the exam.

When they come back to the LMS they can click the button that says 'Second Attempt', but the reset results doesn't get remembered by the system so the 'Second Attempt' button doesn't let them take the exam again.

I'm thinking if I change it so the 'Second Attempt' Button resets the results and becomes disabled after they click it, then that might work, but not sure. Testing it out right now.

I used the link to share it. Thanks in advance for your help.

Philip Deer

Hi Crystal,

I found a workaround that works.
I set the reset results trigger on the 'Second Attempt' button on the last slide instead of the results slide failure layer.
I also made this button disable when the user clicks the 'Second Attempt' button in addition to leaving the button on the results slide also disable.

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