Delay reaction to mouse hover over in Storyline 2

Greetings Community Members!

I am working on a project in Storyline 2 and would like to be able to delay the showing of a layer when a user hovers over a hotspot. We're using this functionality to show enlargements of a process map, so there are two or more hotspots on each image and we'd like to avoid a "thrash" effect if a user simply moves the mouse across the screen. I'm assuming I'll need to use some variables and triggers, but I can't quite figure out the best way to make the user hover over a hotspot for at least two seconds before the layer appears. Any ideas?


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Raschel Rask

Hi Christie,

I'd like to have the learner hover over a portion of an image on the slide. Each segment of the image would have a hotspot that shows a specific slide layer when hovered over. In order for the learner to avoid the crazy switching of screens that can occur if they move their mouse over the image really fast, I'd like to set the trigger so that they need to hover over each hotspot for at least two seconds before the associated layer appears. That way, if they just run their mouse over the screen really fast, nothing will happen.

If that's not possible at this time, I can switch it to a click instead of hover over- just thought I'd check to see if anyone had a solution!