Delayed Next Button, with Glowing Click button, pop up box.. >.<

Jan 21, 2021

Hi there!

So I'm learning quickly with Storyline but I'm currently stumped here.

I have custom "Next" buttons.
I have a "Glow" layer, on a "Click" button that when clicked pops up a text box.
I want a delay on the "Next" button, contingent upon the "Click" button being clicked (if_visited variable), AND the timeline "ending" (so like 10 seconds or something).

When I preview the attached story, the click button works lovely, and SOMETIMES it enables the next button.. sometimes it enables it after a short delay (4-5seconds maybe).  Sometimes I can spam click the button and still nothing..

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Sally Wiedenbeck

I think this is because you have the trigger to change the state of your right arrow/next button when the timeline starts. I changed it to 
Change state of right arrow to normal when variable if-visited changes, with the condition if the variable if-visted is equal to true.

That worked for me.

Judy Nollet

Hi, Jay,

I got this working for you. The trick is having a trigger that executes when the button is clicked (IF the timeline is done), plus a trigger that executes when the timeline ends (IF the button has been clicked). To help with that, I created a T/F variable that changes to True when the timeline ends. 

Here are the triggers you'll see in the edited file: 

By the way, you had the trigger shown below. It was programmed to look at the timeline of the arrow.

Instead, the When (timeline ends) should refer to the Slide as the object. Like this: 

A few notes about testing: 

It appears that the Replay button in Preview doesn't reset the variables. So to test the slide in the attached file, I did this:

  • Started Preview. Clicked the button, and then waited to see if the timeline ending would enable the Next button. 
  • Closed Preview.
  • Restarted Preview. Waiting for the timeline to end, and then clicked the button to see if that would enable the Next button. 

For testing purposes, I added a textbox that shows the variable values. I left it in the attached file, so you can see those values change.

Good luck with your project.