Delaying item drop states in a Drag & Drop interaction

Jan 18, 2013

My interaction consists of 9 rectangle items that each will be dropped on 1 of 2 drop targets.  Each rectangle has 3 states: Normal, Drop Correct, and Drop Incorrect.  Everything works great when I leave the 'Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted' check box UNCHECKED.  However, I would like to delay the state change until the interaction is submitted, but when I check that box, the states no longer change when submit is clicked.

Is there more to this?  Do I need to add triggers to make this work properly?  It seems like it should be so simple!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jacqueline!

I'm happy to step in!

In order for this setting to work properly, you'll want these two interactions:

  • a Drop Incorrect state for each answer choice
  • a Submit Interaction trigger

I've recorded a short screen recording to show you what this looks like on my end!

If you've added these settings and are still seeing the snag, we'll want to bring in our Support Engineers for further troubleshooting. You can share your file with them by using this link.

Jacqueline Silva

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your response! I cannot share my file at this time, but your team may find this interesting...

Yes, I have the states set properly. My Correct and Normal states are identical. My Incorrect states go red.

For this quiz, I removed the correct/incorrect slide layers opting to go straight to the Results slide. On clicking Review, the incorrect states did not show, although the dropped items were in their dropped locations.

As an experiment, I added the question slide layers back. The incorrect states then DID show on the incorrect slide layer before going on to the Results slide. From the Results slide, when clicking Review, the states reverted (no incorrect states showed), but still showed in their dropped locations.

FYI, I tried setting the quiz slide to Resume Saved State to see if that mattered. It didn't.

Ren Gomez

Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks for the follow-up and letting us know what you were running into. I did a test of a Freeform Drag & Drop and wanted to confirm that I experienced some similar results:

Feedback set to None: The Correct/Incorrect drop states do not show when clicking Review Quiz.

Feedback set by Question: The Correct/Incorrect drop states show when receiving feedback, as well as when the user clicks Review Quiz on results slide.

After testing both these scenarios, I believe the Drop Correct/Drop Incorrect states are tied to whether you have any Feedback set. I also tested this in Storyline 3, and I came across the same result.

Please note that I used the built-in states for Drop Correct/Drop Incorrect, and not a custom-built state as it wouldn't have the functionality tied into the question. Here's the file in case you wanted to take a look. I'm sorry there's not an easy way to have the drop states without feedback, but I hope this clarifies how the question works!

Charles McQuillen

I am having a similar issue with my delayed drag and drop states.

  • When I use the player’s submit trigger it works perfectly, but I would like a more intuitive customized submit button.
  • When I deactivate the 'Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted' check box the drop states work. But I would like to delay feedback.
  • The Problem: When I use a customized submit button the drop states are not triggered, but the interaction is.

In other files I have made this work correctly with text boxes. In this one I used images. In order to make the images “tile” with desired spacing I grouped them with blank frames (boxes). I wondered if this grouping caused the problem. But why does it work with the player submit trigger? If the grouping is the problem can you suggest a way to cushion the images with desired spacing? I attached the file. Love the sharing and learning in this community.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Charles!

I'm happy to help! You are correct about the issue stemming from grouping the objects. We currently have this logged as a software bug where the drop states aren't working when using grouped objects with a custom submit button. As a workaround, we suggest either ungrouping the objects or using the Player's submit button and trigger if you're continuing to use grouped objects.

I've linked your comments to our bug report so we can update you if there is a fix released to address this bug. I hope others from the community will share if they've found other workarounds!