Delete 'Invalid Answer' from player


Two questions, concerning the same issue.

We're currently trying to work around the 'invalid answer' popup that appears when someone clicks the submit button and no answer is selected. This popup shows the 'attempt quiz warning message'.

We know there are several options here, amongst which:

- edit the invalid answer layer

- add conditions to the 'submit' trigger, so this popup doens't appear.


1. We were wondering if someone had found an option to delete the 'invalid answer' popup from the player. This seems as a quicker solution than editing each slide.

2. For now, we seem to have another issue as well. When we submit a question without selecting any of the possible answers, the popup appears. When we close it, we can still select an answer and switch answers, however, we can not submit them. Does anyone know what the problem might be? This means that that people cannot continue their learning, or go back, because all buttons (including the submit button) are disabled. So, this is a major issue and a big reason for us to find a workaround.

All ideas are very welcome.

Thank you.


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Wendy Farmer

Which version of SL are you using Evy?  Your second issue could be related to the slide properties of the quiz question but hard to say without seeing how things are setup.  Can you share the file?

The invalid answer popup can't be accessed from a Feedback master you are correct - it is a player popup that can only be edited (text and formatting) through the player tab.

I'm not aware of how to hack the backend to remove the popup altogether.

Evy De Bruyckere

Hi Wendy

We are using Articulate 360.
Unfortunately, I cannot share the file, it's quite big and it contains some content we cannot spread.
I will try to explain the setup, so we can keep thinking together here. If you would need any other information, just ask and I'll try to provide you with it. We used freeform questions (mostly 'Pick One' or 'Pick Many'). We have no issues at all when we're just working with these questions and submitting them. They act as expected. However, once the Invalid Answer message pops up, we can close it, clicking 'OK', but it seems to disable our submit button.
Can you work with this?
Sorry that I can't provide you with more information.
Thank you for thinking along!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Evy, thanks for all of those details! I've attempted to recreate the problem in a new Storyline 360 file, but I didn't have any luck. 

I completely understand not being able to share your file publicly, but you always have the option of sending it directly to me privately through this link. And if file size is an issue, you can Save As to create a copy of the file, then delete all of the slides except for the few that are giving you trouble.

I'll be standing by!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Evy

sorry - what a pain and I understand you not being able to share the file so sending through to Alyssa's team is your best bet.

Just wondering

  • what slide properties you have set on the quiz slide
  • how many attempts do they get? do you have attempt variables associated with the quiz slides
  • any triggers on the submit button other that to submit the interaction?
Wendy Farmer

Hi Evy

here is a sample 360 file with two Pick One slides - the first one uses the built-in Submit button and the second one uses a custom Submit button.  I'm not experiencing the issue with either slide...sorry can't be more help or replicate what's happening in your file. 

Evy De Bruyckere

Thank you all for thinking along! It's quite a complicated file and we found the second issue was actually related to triggers we linked to the submit button. So the second problem is now solved. However, if someone has any ideas for the first issue, that would be great for future files!

Thank you!