"Invalid Answer" Popup. Help Please!

Sep 04, 2013

Not to be a nag, however, I would like to know what might be causing the "Invalid Answer" popup happening with a test I have developed with Storyline. The problem is that when a user selects an answer from one of the quiz questions, the Invalid Answer Popup appears upon a Submit action for no reason at all. This happens sporadically.

What might be causing this?

Any ideas.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ettore and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! You mentioned that this happens sporadically and I'm not seeing it in the file that you shared. 

I did notice that the second slide you shared, has the feedback set to 'By Question', which could cause this pop-up to occur when the wrong answer is selecting as opposed to just scoring it:

Ted Green


Thanks for the pointing this out. I will check all  my slides and correct accordingly and test once again.

Hopefully I will no longer get a "Invalid Answer" popup when a user submits a question slide with a selected response. If happens again, I will send support the full story file.

Many thanks for now.

Ted Green

My  triggers are not set to submit when the timeline ends.

One thing I have noticed is this: all the slide now work well when single clicking on the submit button, however, every time that I double click  the submit button, I get an "Invalid Answer" popup. This happens on about 60% of the slides.

Is this a problem with the Storyline player?

I can post the entire quiz if necessary.

By the way, I have tried a demo articulate quiz and this happens on some slides as well:


NOTE: This happens on Question 2 ( the ranking question). I just rank one item and double click submit it fires off the "Invalid Answer" popup always.