Remove an Invalid Answer popup message in a Fill in the blank question

May 16, 2018

Greetings! I worked through a few videos on how to create a fill-in the blank using the Pick One Freeform. and adding a Correct and Incorrect button and using the Show layers for the incorrect and and correct popup responses. This all works perfectly. However, I am not only getting my correct popup... but this pesky "Invalid Answer" popup. I am looking at this in review. What could I be doing wrong and how do I remove this Invalid Answer popup (I have 5 fill-in the blanks on the form)?  Thanks for your help.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dave

try these changes - you don't have anything listed in the form view for Correct / Incorrect. So add those buttons in.

Also, I add a 'Selected' state to your correct and incorrect buttons and change the trigger to when the correct button is 'selected' not visited.

Another trick I use on the incorrect button trigger.  Instead of having to add in all the conditions I do Change state of Incorrect button to selected when user clicks submit on condition that correct button is not equal to selected.

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