Invalid Answer popup

Jan 04, 2022

Hi, I created a crossword puzzle in Storyline 360. Every time I click the verify button to submit my answers, the invalid answer popup appears along with the popup for if it's correct or incorrect. I have the ability to click off both of these boxes, but I can't get rid of the invalid answer popup. Please see the file attached. It is scene 8 slide 8.9 Question 7. Can anybody help me understand why this is occurring and how I can fix it, please? Thank you.

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Walt Hamilton

 The invalid answer pops up because in the form view there is no text field chosen for verification. As nearly as I can tell, you aren't using a result slide, or passing a score to any other slide; You have written triggers that verify the answers, and show the Correct or Incorrect layer; the Form View of the quiz slide is entirely blank - you aren't using any of the built-in quiz functions. You don't need to have a quiz slide, but if you get rid of it, you may have to recreate the Correct and Incorrect layers. So just get rid of the "Submit interaction when user clicks Verify button", and use the triggers you have already created.

Christina McShine de Jiménez

Thank you for responding. I actually figured it out last week. I deleted the original text entry box which is why I kept getting the invalid answer pop up. In order to not have to re-create the entire slide, I removed the freeform from it, then created my own Incorrect and Correct layers. Kept the trigger on the verify button, and now it works. Thanks again!