deleted slide still appearing after publishing the scene

I have a Story comprised of 5 scenes, each of which has anywhere from 2 to 4 slides.  One scene originally had 5 slides, and I have since deleted the 5th slide.  However after publishing the Story using the Web publishing option and opening the story_html5.html file, the resulting story still contains the 5th deleted slide in that scene.  I tried publishing multiple times but the slide still appears.  Oddly enough, if I just preview that same scene, the scene only contains the 4 slides desired.  What's happening?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Matthew. It's possible that you're viewing a cached version of that file. Can you clear the cache or try viewing in another browser to confirm?

Also, are you uploading your content to a web server, or viewing locally? Here are some tips on testing your content in its intended environment.

Let me know what you think!

Matthew Mehalic

Thank you Crystal,

I've since changed the way I published (CD instead of Web) after reading some of the publishing tips.  My intention was to view locally on my laptop, so I believe CD is the appropriate publishing method for that.  Also, the deleted slide had a preceding slide that I cut and pasted into a new scene.  After deleting that pasted slide from the new scene and recreating it, the deleted slide finally disappeared in the published version.  So I'm not sure which action corrected the issue, but it's fixed now.  Thanks for your suggestions!