DEMO: Hide player Prev/Next buttons on Quiz Review SL2. Update Sept 2018: SL360 demo file attached.

This example shows one way to hide the Prev/Next player buttons that show on quiz review so you can add your own custom buttons. This file was built in SL2.


Updated 360 version attached

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello LDT and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

When learners review a quiz (or revisit question slides they've already submitted), they'll see Articulate Storyline's built-in Prev and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the player—even if you've disabled them throughout your course. These navigation buttons are necessary for learners to review quiz slides.

If you take a look at Wendy's file, she's sharing a way around this by using variables in addition to the player settings :)

Rory Lavender

Leslie, you have alluded to something that I am having a problem with. My story has a recording of a computer simulation that I am using as a step-by-step try mode. So not question slides per se but still tracking correct/incorrect entries. I am not using the built-in Prev and Next buttons for the try mode, but I do need them to review the quiz results.

I have seen other threads where this is mentioned as a problem, but it was supposedly fixed in a later release. Those threads are 3-4 years old and talk about the Prev and Next buttons failing to appear on occasion. But you do mention this function as built-in for the review quiz even if disabled throughout the course. Which honestly, I thought was the case until it stopped working for me today.

The only way that I can "guarantee" that they show up is include a Next button on my title slide. The default buttons were working at some point without this, but now they aren't.

I have reset the title slide to using player defaults to using custom and back again. I can't seem to provoke the default buttons to appear for the quiz review only. So, for now, I include the Next button on my title slide (and disable it) so I can get the Prev and Next buttons to show up for Quiz Review.

The only thing I was experimenting with was reducing the size of my player by removing all of its elements, then of course I remembered that I need the Next and Prev button to show up for the quiz review. Does this ring any bells?

Lots of people want these buttons gone, but I want them back!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rory, 

It does ring a bell! 

I saw folks who wanted the buttons gone, remove all the player elements in the bottom of the player as that prevented any items like the next/prev buttons appearing as there wasn't room for them. 

Could you look at adding in the next button on a slide that no one would see? Keep it in a scene so that the player is accounting for the space to include them on the review but that way it's not visible on your title slide. 

If you'd like us to take a look, we're also happy to! Drop your .story file in here using the "add attachment" button. 

Rory Lavender

Thanks Ashley! I like your solution better than mine. I will try that. Appreciate it.

~~~ Ah, the joys of Storyline. I just removed the hidden Next button from the title page and for fun, I previewed the story again. The player border did not minimize so the PREV and NEXT buttons did not disappear. But if they do again, I now have a solution. 

Julia Baker

Since it's something people are always looking to do, has there been an update on this in the past 10 months that makes it possible to disable the player buttons in quiz review? They aren't necessary for those of us using custom navigation, and it would be great if our option to disable the player navigation disabled these buttons with it.

I ask because I can't get this to work... I've tried Wendy's workaround, but it doesn't fully hide the player buttons; they still appear while the slide is loading before the trigger takes effect, which makes it look like there's a glitch in the training... Or is there another option available that I can try?

Wendy Farmer

I’ve noticed this too Julie - works fine in the flash version but html5 shows that slight flash before hiding- I’m experiencing this issue in my SL360 file so if I find a solution I’ll let you know. 

What I am going to try is changing the colour scheme of the buttons and button text to match the player skin and see if that makes a difference 

Julia Baker

Thanks, Wendy. It's good to know I'm not the only one seeing the buttons flash.

I wish the button color scheme option would work for me; we have to keep the captions button available, and it looks like adjusting the color scheme would hide that too. I might be overlooking an option there, though, since I haven't done much with the color scheme.

Keep us posted if you find a workaround that works in html5

Julia Baker

Thanks Wendy. Since it worked with the flash fallback, I'm guessing it only works properly with flash enabled. Hopefully Articulate will give us a solution that will work without it before flash gets phased out.

My client is already on a no-flash basis, so I'll continue my search for another workaround. Thanks for your insight!

Julia Baker

Hi Sarah! What type of slides are they appearing on? Just quiz slides? Or are you also seeing them elsewhere?

If it's just on quiz slides, you'll need to enable the buttons on those slides then create triggers to hide them. It's one of those workarounds that we use on a regular basis.

If you're seeing them everywhere... it makes me curious what the problem may be. Can you give us more information about what you've done to disable them?

Stephanie Long

What a pain!  There are so many articles about having trouble with the Quiz Review function, I hope eventually all of the trouble shooting and workarounds result in some sort of update to this feature. This was a major roadblock I am now working through and with a pressing deadline.  I nearly gave up on it, but I am going to do the workaround.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Stephanie.  We're happy to help if you're having problems with the quiz review feature.  Were you using custom navigation buttons and didn't want the Next and Previous buttons to appear?

If you'd like to share your issue and file more privately with my team, feel free to do so here!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eli,

When learners review a quiz (or revisit question slides they've already submitted), they'll see Articulate Storyline's built-in Prev and Next buttons in the lower right corner of the player—even if you've disabled them throughout your course. These navigation buttons are necessary for learners to review quiz slides.

If you'd like to have an option to disable the Prev and Next buttons during quiz review so you can use your own custom navigation buttons, please let us know

If you'd like to share the .story file you're currently working on, I'm sure someone in the community could help you out.