Design question - user answer not displaying in Review mode as intended (selected state)...

Jul 07, 2016

Reaching out to the community on this one, as recommended by Articulate support contact.  (a design question).

I'm attaching two example slides from published file; want the selected state that the user clicks on (with the highlighted blue text), to be reflected/displayed in Review mode. Issue - the text displays in black and not the blue text as expected. Any direction would be much appreciated. Thx!

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Katherine Plastich

Hi Wendy, Thank you for offering.  It's a big course file for a client, that I don't think I can upload here due to NDA agreement .  I will try and duplicate the issue with two sample slides (extract) and attach here...or if not able to reproduce the issue, can i email you the file directly?

Thanks for your support.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Katherine -- Thanks for sharing your case number, and it actually looks like you were working with my colleague, Leslie, who replied recently with the following:

"Thanks for sharing and allowing me to take a look. In review mode, the slide is simply displaying what the user chose and not the actual selected state which is what I think you are expecting. 

That sounds like a design question and perhaps sharing a sample slide and result slide with the community and getting some design feedback could be beneficial."

As she suggested, if you are able to remove confidential info from a sample file or share something generic to illustrate what you are describing, perhaps others will be able to offer some additional solutions. :)

Katherine Plastich

Hi Wendy,  I was able to extract sample slides and reproduce the issue described at the beginning of this thread.   Inserted a Result Slide - when you click the Review Quiz button, you'll see that the users answer displays selected state glow but not text color highlight.

Appreciate your troubleshooting. 

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