Desire a results slide that contains individual results slides results AND composite result

I have created a quiz with four question banks so I could show results for four sub-sections on a final results slide (copying and pasting variables from each question bank result slide). I also want a final result on the results slide to show the over-all achievement of the quiz. It seems to me the variable created for the final result slide, along with the variables from the question bank results slides, should produce this result, but I can only get the overall result to show up properly. The question bank results slide variables always end up with zeros. 

Suggestions? Examples?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Janelle -- Thanks for reaching out here! Do you happen to have a file already started that you may be able to share to help illustrate what you are hoping to achieve? And for additional input on how you might be able to design this set up, please feel free to post over in our Building Better Courses forum, as well. :)

Janelle  Metz

Thanks so much for your feedback, Christie. I will go ahead and post on the other forum, as well. I have uploaded a truncated version of the project I am working on. I am embarrassed to say but I can't remember where in the forum I found the example I have based if off of. (Thank you to the staff member and hero who uploaded it and included the great 'calculating' slide idea :)) However, even with my results slide set up with what I see as appropriate variables for both the final result as well as references to each question bank result slide (there are four)  I am unable to get the appropriate results to show on the final slide. I thank you guys in advance for any help you can provide. Note: the questions are set up for two tries and then it lets you pass on. I am the sole e-learning contributor here at work and looking for insight :)