Need help creating a results slide with both a composite result and the individual question bank results on one slide

Jun 09, 2016

I am struggling to create a results slide that shows both a composite result for all four quizzes, as well as the results for each quiz, all on one slide. I have found examples in the forums but perhaps needs some eyes to tell me what I am not setting up correctly. I have uploaded a short sample of what I am working on. 

Thanks for any help provided! 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Janelle

just on first look there appears to be a couple of things to check

Each of your result slides doesn't have any options selected as to what to calculate which is why you are getting 0s

Also there appears to be an error in one of the variables referenced

I've made ad hoc selections just to check and show that is the issue - you'll need to check that the quiz questions in vehicle and original have points assigned to them

Janelle  Metz

I have uploaded the sample I am trying to imitate. You'll see the results slides aren't even included in the scene and have no results. I moved the slides into their own scene to see if just having the variables on the results slide would work, which in this example, does. 

I have uploaded my adjusted file with the variable correction (thanks!) and questions selected. Alas, no individual quiz scores which is what I am jonesing to get! :)


Janelle  Metz

I KNEW I was missing a very simple piece. Unfortunately I don't have anyone here to point out the obvious so I thank you for taking the time to show me what I was doing incorrectly. And it makes perfect sense now that it has been pointed out. Thanks, Wendy!! I appreciate your support. I'm learning on my own here so it's great to be able to reach out when I hit a blind spot.

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