Detailed Feedback during Quiz Review

I have a quiz at the end of which I want to give the learner an option to see the following:

1:  His marked answer

2:  The correct answer

3:  Detailed solution for the question. 

For 1 and 2, I can use "Review Quiz" feature.  But how can I add 3 "detailed solution" at that time itself. 

In the past I have created a separate slide set in which I present detailed solution but at that point the learner can only see 2 but no longer see 1.

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Mike Enders


On each slide you'd like to provide feedback for, you can select post quiz review and add some bit of text.  This will automatically create a review layer on that slide.   Go to the review layer and add whatever you'd like to be there!

Here's a somewhat related Screenr: