Details about Articulate360 properties productwise

Dear collegues,

I would like to understand some specific properties of Articulate360 which are not stated in FAQ section of Articulate / website. So maybe you could tell me from your experience:

  •  Rise vs. Storyline360: apart from Web-based developement versus desktop developement, in which way those two products do *not* duplicate each other? What can you do with Storyline that you cannot do with Rise, besides implementing TinCan which Rise cannot do?
  • What is the difference between Articulate Online and the storage space of 150GB that Articulate360 offers to one user license? Is Articulate360 now the the online LMS , or do I have to additionally purchase Articulate Online LMS? What can I do with Articulate Online that I cannot do with Articulate360? Or do I need to use an external 3rd-party LMS after all? 
  • If I distribute an HTML5 link of my Rise-built course to users, can they download the video materials used in my course merely via their mobile browser, or do they have to install AMP? Can I befree users from installing AMP for courses on mobile?
  • Which reporting tools does Articulate360 provide? Do I need to use external analytics tools with them? 

    so many cool products but I feel confused finding my way around them  :) Maybe a forum section for Articulate360 should be available, and not only per product?

Thank you very much!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ira,

All great questions about getting started with Articulate 360! 

  • Storyline and Rise are both designed to create rapid e-learning courses, but whereas Storyline allows for a full customization of everything on the slide, player, and publishing options, Rise is going to use prebuilt lesson types and blocks to help you design a course that is fully responsive and will look great on any device. This article talks about the differences between the two with responsive output and Storyline/Studio's responsive player.  When you're looking at which tool to use to author and create content you've got a few different options in Articulate 360 - this article will help you determine when/where to use a particular one.
  • Articulate 360 includes access to Articulate Review, which is a way to gather and share feedback on Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, Peek, and Preso content in one simple web app. The 150 GB limit refers to how much content you can store in there - and it's a lot! Articulate Online is our light version of an LMS, and it's not included in the Articulate 360 subscription. 
  • Rise is entirely HTML5 - no Articulate Mobile player needed. It'll play in the browser on their device and you'll just want to use one of the supported options here.  Storyline and Studio can still be published to the Articulate Mobile player, but with the new responsive player built (see above article) there we'd recommend using the HTML5 output (unless you need to support things like FLV videos and offline viewing). 
  • Articulate 360 doesn't include a component to host your courses for users and track how they've responded or completion rates - but it's something we're looking into! In the meantime, you can use a separate subscription for Articulate Online to host Storyline and Studio content! Rise courses aren't supported in Articulate Online. However, if you have an AICC- or SCORM-compliant LMS, you can track Rise courses in your LMS.  

Hope that helps clarify and if you have any other questions feel free to let us know here or feel free to connect with our Success team here to get started with your subscription! 

Katie Riggio

Hi, Alison. Thanks for reaching out, and excellent question!

While there isn't a tracking function in Articulate 360 at this time, we're looking into it and are listening to the feedback. I'm going to add your voice to the report so we can let you know if there's any forward movement on such an option!

If there's anything else I can help answer in the meantime, please let me know! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi folks!

We heard you, and we are excited to tell you about, the new enterprise-class online training system that your employees will love. Rise makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. You can create courses, enroll learners, and distribute, track, and analyze your training all in one system.

Publishing Storyline 360 courses to Rise isn’t supported yet, but we’re working on it. In the meantime, Storyline blocks in Rise 360 courses continue to work when you export the courses to

To learn more about Rise, please visit

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,

What a great News!!! Thank you very much! 
Could you please answer a few questions I had while reading the description of

* Can roles be combined? Can one person be an author and a reporter too? ( in case I understand the reporter role correctly, by follow up on tracking the results and generating reports? )

* How many admins are allowed / how many people can have admin role? Is it different per annual plan?

* Can learner groups be segregated - e.g. certain group of users will not see in a catalogue courses which are not relevant or restricted from them? (we have this scenario)

* Will now Rise courses be created directly in and not

* If we have a team license with Articulate, and courses will be created in, do all L&D team members have access to all courses in development, or can it be segregated as with a usual team license: people see only a partition of their development Domain, unless working in collaboration?

Thanks a lot!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Irina,

Glad to see your interest in! is a separate training system from your Articulate 360 subscription, so you can continue creating courses in Rise 360 ( Only the users in your account will have access to the courses in

We've given your questions to the Rise team, and they'll be in touch!