Dial Continues to Move After Releasing Mouse Button

May 04, 2020

I'm having an issue with a dial continuing to move after releasing the left mouse button.  This is a free form quiz with correct/incorrect radio buttons selected by the position of the dial.   It seems to happen when the dial is turned a second time, for example the selection is wrong and you try to change it before submitting the quiz for evaluation.  I've tried several variations all with the same result.  Eventually. the correct/incorrect triggers stop responding and you get an error message:  "You must complete the question before submitting."  When that error is cleared, the dial works again.  Any attempt to change the dial after the initial rotation seems to cause the error.   I can't use this for training until I find out how to prevent the dial issue.  Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Cliff,

The issue appears to be caused by the fact that you have set this up as a quiz slide. There is no problem with that approach, but you simply need to take some precautions when doing so. Because it is a quiz slide, the background image of the instrument is being treated as a selectable object, which is why your mouse cursor changes to a hand when it passes over the image. I am not sure exactly why it is happening, but this appears to fool the program into thinking that the dial is still selected after you have clicked on it and hence the reason why it continues to turn as you move your mouse across the screen.

In the attached amended version of your file, to get around this problem, I have added a 100% transparent rectangle over the top of the image, which now effectively makes it invisible to the mouse. I have placed the rectangle above the image and the green screen display, but beneath all of the buttons and the dial so that they can all still be accessed.

Hope this helps.

Cliff Warrick

Ned:  Thanks for the assist.  It never occurred to me that the mouse would treat the image that way.  It sure makes sense.  Really appreciate the help since i'm cutting new ground here and really need to get this to work. I have at least 4 other radios that I need to model.  Thanks again, great lesson learned.


Ned Whiteley

Hi Cliff,

Another useful tip, if you want your radio to look just like the original, is that you can create a cutout of the actual radio dial in something like Photoshop, place that over the top of the dial in your main image and, when you select the dial drop-down from the menu, there is an option to convert your dial picture to a Storyline dial. It works exactly the same as the plain grey one you are currently using, but looks just like the dial on the radio.

Two things to note are that your cutout image will need to have a transparent background and also the photo of the radio will need to be taken from straight in front so that the dial looks symmetrical. If it is off to one side, it will look slightly odd when it rotates.

In the attached amended version, I have replaced the grey dial with a very quick cutout of the original dial. It all works fine, but in this case it looks a bit odd due to the shadow and lighting effects. However, a bit more work in Photoshop could improve things considerably. At least it gives you the idea in case you might want to use it. The same also goes for your buttons along the top as well.

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