Diasble hotspots

Jan 12, 2015

I'm having trouble finding out how to disable a hotspot in Storyline 2.  I'm sure it's a simple fix, and I'll probably kick myself when I learn it.  Basically, I want to stay on the page, just click a hotspot, and new text is revealed.  Then I want the hotspot to either go away, or become disabled so the user can't click on it any more.  Thoughts?

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Ryan Passey

I just tried that, and something's still quirky.  My links are blue text with no underline.  When I hover over the link I change the state to "Hover" which includes a blue underline.  When they click the state changes to "Visited" with black text and no underline.  I also disable the hot-rectangle-spot. For some inextricable reason, even after it's disabled, hovering over the same spot still displays the blue underline as if it's still going to the Hover state.  I'm perplexed.  Clicking on it doesn't reveal the text again, just the blue underline as if the Hover part is still enabled.  Does this make sense?  

Emily Ruby

Hello Ryan!

Once an item is disabled, it should not have the hover state appear. Please confirm you are working locally as described here. Have you seen this happen on other shapes or just this one? you may want to copy the items into a new slide.

As Wendy stated, you could also share the file or the slide in question here for us to take a look.

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