Different Background Color -- Published vs. Preview

Jul 17, 2014

I'm confused.. I want a dark blue player with white background for my pages. I have checked my player settings and my page color is set to white. I see white in Preview. Then, when I Publish to SharePoint my page background is dark blue. When I change the player color back to the Silver default, I see white background in Preview and Silver background in Publish.

Anyone who could get me back to my original settings -- white background will save the day.



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Greg Faust

I love and hate a good mystery.

I have a few ideas that might narrow this down.

Failure to update:

I've had problems in other parts of Storyline where Storyline previews/publishes based on old information. For example, I published a project. Some time later, I moved an equation. Whenever I republished on my machine, the equation showed up in its old location. When I got a coworker to publish on his machine, the equation appeared in the correct (new) location.

In case your problem is related, there are a couple things you might try:

  • Change something other than the player settings before you re-preview or re-publish. I suspect the failure-to-update issue is related to dirty flags, so one possible solution is to browbeat Storyline into recognizing that changes have been made.
  • Set it the way you want it, then publish it on another computer-- preferably one that has never published this project before.

Ruling out browser and server issues:

Try publishing it for the web locally on your machine, then loading it on your machine. Also try loading it with more than one browser. If it's wrong in all cases, we'll know it's not SharePoint or a single browser causing the problem.

Double-checking the settings:

At some point I came across this gem: http://articulate-downloads.s3.amazonaws.com/jobaids/StorylinePlayerColors.pdf

As far as I know, it's accurate. Make sure you're tweaking the correct settings in the player dialog. It's conceivable that the preview window doesn't accurately match what gets published.

Good luck with this. I'm curious to know what the problem is.

Sam Mongeau

Hey Greg,

Thanks for the thoughtful, expansive post.

Unfortunately, nothing has worked so far. The good news is that whatever I did, and can't seem to undo, to the player settings in my current project, don't affect my player settings in projects that I created in the past or test project that I created since.

I did print the project as Word file prior to discovering the player was discoloring my slide backgrounds. Anyone have any experience with publishing to Word affecting publishing to web output? It's a long shot, I know. But strange stuff happens, right?

I'll keep effforting and let you know.

Thanks again.

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