Different behaviour for moving objects using arrow keys

Nov 21, 2017

So, way back as long as I can remember selecting an object on the page, and pressing the keyboard arrows would shift that object by 10px (depending on the grid pixel setting).

To move objects a single pixel you'd need to hold down Ctrl and then click an arrow button.

Two of my colleagues have today noticed that this has been switched in the most recent SL360 release - so keyboard arrow presses result in a single pixel move, and a Ctrl+arrow results in a move of 10px.

However, this is not happening for me. We're all running v3.10.13923.0.

Is this happening to anyone else? Is this an intentional change by Articulate or some sort of weird bug?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Adam!

Yes, we made some enhancements to size and position. Sounds like you may have a different setting than your colleagues:

Ctrl+Arrow: This moves the selected object.

  • If the snap-to-grid feature is turned off (the default setting), then Ctrl+Arrow nudges the object by the number of pixels in your grid settings. The default is 8 px.
  • If the snap-to-grid feature is turned on, then Ctrl+Arrow nudges the object 1 px at a time.

Check out all the editing enhancements here.

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