Moving Items in Steps/Chunks vs. Pixels by Default (Storyline 3)

Aug 25, 2022

Hi All,
Often lately I've been getting Storyline 3 files which only allow me to move its objects one pixel at a time when using just the arrow keys; as in pressing CTRL is moot and does nothing, bc the object is already moving only by pixels rather than the typical default (of "hopping" by larger steps then allowing me to press CTRL to refine by pixel).

So it only moves by pixels when I tap the arrow key, yet pressing CTRL does not alter/override/reverse that to make it move in steps, it just continues by pixel when I press CTRL (which makes sense), then does the same when I don't press CTRL and use only the arrow keys.

My only solution so far has been to rebuild from an all-new file, manually copy/pasting the slides and re-organizing the masters, which takes time we often don't have.

Is there a File Setting or Preference or something similar I'm missing? How does this happen in the first place? Happy to upload an example .story file to see if this problem happens for anyone else. Thanks very much in advance!

Storyline 3 Update 11: 3.1123355.0

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