Different buttons on result slide after second attempt of the quiz

Aug 14, 2021

Hi There, 
I have created for the first time a Pre-Post test using the Retry (2 attempts) fonctinality in Storyline 3.
When users are completing the 1st attempt of the quiz, the result show a next button and direct to training content. This is exactly what I want.

The problem is when they are doing the second attempt, I would like the 'next' button to direct to the Conclusion slide, not the content as in the first attempt.

More precisely: See image

- First attempt of the quiz - get result page 1.4 and direct to 1.6
- See content realted to 1.6 - when completed direct to 1.5
- Redo the test 1.3 (second attempt) - get Result page 1.4 once again but this time, mask (next button to 1.5) and unmask (next button to 1.7) 

How should I mask/unmask buttons on the result slide or is there any other way to do it? I am not too technical so please is there a step by step to the solution?
Thanks for your answers!

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Judy Nollet

Hello, Sylvain,

Use a variable to track whether the test results are for the pre- or post-test. Then use the value of the variable in conditions for the triggers that determine where the Next button goes. There are slightly different ways to implement this. Here's one: 

  • Create a T/F variable with the initial value of False. For example, call it "PreTestDone."
  • On the first slide of the content (that is, on a slide after the pre-test), add a trigger that adjusts the value of PreTestDone to True. 
  • On the Results slide, use two triggers for the Next button: 
    • One trigger jumps to the content with the condition that PreTestDone = False.
    • One trigger jumps to the conclusion with the condition that PreTestDone = True. 

Note: If you really want to use different buttons for each instance, you could use the value of the variable to show, hide, or disable objects as needed.

Conditions and variables provide the real power in Storyline, so it's worth the time to learn how to use them. See these pages in the User Guide for more info: