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natasha desai


I have been having the same problems when using layers.  The buttons cannot be defined on individual layers.  So I disable the Next / Previous button on the BASE slide and manually add buttons of Next and Previous on the BASE slide and link it to a trigger to go to appropriate slides.  I only add a Next button on the layer, which when the user clicks, hides the layer they are in, and shows the BASE slide.

This works for me except for the location of the manually inserted buttons which are imbedded in the slide - Its not in the same position as the built in navigation panel buttons of Next / Previous.  This makes it inconvenient for the user.

If anyone has different ways of handling this, please enlighten !!! that will save me time from reinventing the wheel.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all,

As Nancy mentioned, you can't add custom buttons to the Storyline player. You can change their behavior with triggers and also change what they say within the Text labels. If you're looking to set up a more customized player, you can look into the Storyline SDK although it will involve Flash coding skills. 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ashley, I was going to suggest changing the text labels and triggers, but I don't think changing the labels would work for Rick because he only wants the buttons to be different on the last slide. Changing the text labels is a global change.

If I was doing this, I would disable the player buttons completely and use my own custom buttons. This way you can make them behave whatever way you want.