Different Passing Scores in a Quiz Based on Variable


I have a course that has a single quiz. I want to be able to change the passing score based on a variable, in this case, the person's job role. One job role requires a passing score of 85% and the other has a passing score of 70%.

In looking through other discussions, I see that it is not possible to change the read-only variable score.passingscore. I can set up two different quizzes with different passing scores and go to one or the other based on a variable (what is your job title?) But I can only pick one result slide or the other  to report back to the LMS in the publishing options.

This seems like a fairly common scenario and would love to know a solution to this.




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Michael Kauzlarich


I'm not a pro at Storyline so there may be a better way to do this but here is something that I think works:

1) On the slide where they choose their job role, have a button that changes a corresponding true/false variable to true when they select that button.

2) Create a results slide for each job role with the passing score needed.

3) Create a slide after the quiz questions but before the results slides that is blank. This slide will have a trigger "Jump to [results slide job role 1] if variable [job role 1] is equal to TRUE.

 Then create a 2nd variable on this slide to go to the 2nd job role if the variable for that role is   TRUE.

 Continue until you have a trigger for all job roles going to the respective results slide.


Michael Sheyahshe

Jo - What happens if they do not achieve the minimum score? Can they retake the quiz during the same or different session, but not receive a 'completed' status in the LMS until they pass?

Here's why I ask - Rather than trying to create separate (quiz) results slides (as you mention, not possible), perhaps you can use the last slide ("slide x of x") reporting option. Learners would not reach this page unless they achieve the passing score, dependent on the role variable.

The logic flow would be something like this:

After quiz, learner is taken to a blank slide, which evaluates their quiz score and role. Depending on these factors, the learner is then redirected either to the very last/end slide or a different location (re-start quiz; new page with review information; etc.) 

Role #1 (triggered somehow & tracked as %roleOneVariable%)
%roleOneVariable% -> is %currentlyTrackedScore% >= 85% ? If so, go to last slide (success). If not, re-take quiz (or go to remedial page, etc.)

Role #2 (triggered somehow & tracked as %roleTwoVariable%)
%roleTwoVariable% -> is %currentlyTrackedScore% >= 70% ? If so, go to last slide (success). If not, re-take quiz (or go to remedial page, etc.)

In this way, the last slide (which triggers LMS 'complete' status) is never reached unless their role-dependent score (variable) reaches the specified minimum.

HTH (Hope that helps)

Michael Sheyahshe

[whoops...I should've used the 'reply' button for the text below. #myBad]

Also, if you need to submit the actual quiz score to the LMS, you can add a trigger (button, probably) that has JavaScript code that can communicate to the LMS.

Looks like there are several articles on how to do this via SL-internally-triggered JavaScript - this one may help shed light on it: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/storyline-set-lms-status-with-javascript 

Good luck.