Different Widths for Player Margins

Apr 23, 2020

Hi everyone,

On my Storyline 3 player, I'd like the logo to line up with the top of the slide. This works in one of my projects as shown below: 

Narrow Top Margin


However, in another project, the player is showing a wider margin at the top which means the logo and slide do not align:

Wider Top Margin

I've attached the two projects. I figured it might be a button (within the slide properties) but cannot seem to find an issue there. I also checked the Player Settings on both projects (plus the Story Size) and cannot see any difference that could be causing the different margin sizes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Patrick Nealon

Hi Phil,

Thanks very much for this interesting suggestion. After some digging around the Slide Properties for each slide, I changed the Player Features to custom and found one slide that did have the Resources ticked!


I thought this was bound to solve it but unfortunately the margin remains the same when viewing the project. I tried importing the slides into a new project in case there was something wrong with the file, but no luck so far. 

With thanks,


Lauren Connelly

Hi Patrick!

Thank you so much for attaching these files! I was able to test the files on my end, and I'm noticing exactly what you're seeing. Even removing items in the player doesn't change the extra padding on the Player!

I've reached out to our Support Engineers so they can step in and help us find the fix! I've started a case on your behalf and sent over a brief email explaining the next steps! We'll continue using that support case to communicate.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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