Difficulty level quizzes and student selected vocabulary reviews

Mar 27, 2014

This is a more theoretical question.  I've got a huge series of questions close to 20,000 over various books and chapters I'd like the student to be able to select the book/chapter and then have only those questions pulled and randomized.  Is that possible?  What's the easiest way to do that? 

Secondly, although similar I'd like my students to be able to choose the level (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) and have only those levels pulled and quizzed as the student choose and desires.

Thirdly, and related, I've got language vocabulary builder (1,000 words), and I'd like the student to be able to check off the words they know so that the vocab list only flashes cards/slides for the ones they struggle with and that Storyline keeps that list of unknown words list from use to use per student.  Is this possible and how should I start thinking about it in Storyline? 


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ted hildebrandt

Maybe do it this way then.

I've got 100 questions and I'm wanting students to be able to study them at the "Beginning" level;

Intermediate level and Advanced level.  They pick the level and get the question set.  Is there anyway in

Storyline to have it automatically go through and pull all the advanced or all the beginning level and

how could that be done other than making three separate sets of questions. Any thoughts?  Can the

questions be tagged with meta data at all and then use that to sort the questions?

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