How do you do individual results slides for each game question?

Nov 08, 2012

I'm creating a game in Storyline, and I'd like to have each quiz question followed by a  "right" or "wrong" slide.  If it's correct, I'd like to go to the next question (Slide 1.5 on my game).  If it's incorrect, I'd like it to go back to the previous question to try to answer it again. If they miss it again, then I'd like it to go to the next question (Slide 1.5).  In Quizmaker, that was a part of the slide (using words only -- "That's correct" or "Try again" or a custom remediation. Rather than those words, I'd like two separate slides for each question.  I've been setting up layers and triggers, etc., but the results slides keep going back and forth between each other.  I'd like to have a total of six questions, with two results slides each, and then a scoring results slide at the end, which allows them to go to the next level if they passed.  If they didn't, it should allow them to retake the quiz.

What am I doing wrong?  I've attached both the zip and the storyline game so far.  

Thank you for any advice.  

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Nina! For something like this, where you want to give multiple attempts AND show correct/incorrect feedback, you'd really need to go with the feedback layers that Storyline provides, rather than branch to separate slides and then try to take the learner back for additional question attempts. I've attached a modified version of your file and a screencast below - take a look and see if this gives you the behavior you want. The good news is, it's actually a lot less work to do it this way because you don't have to monkey around with a bunch of triggers and tons of slides.

I also wanted to mention: the attached sample doesn't include a rebuilt version of your drag/drop slide (question 2). The way the question is currently structured unfortunately won't work, because each item in a matching drag/drop has to have a unique match. We can talk more about this if you want and try to think of other ways to create this activity.

Nina  Weinstein


Thank you so much for your help!

I have a few questions.  As I understand it, I need to right click, then choose a blank results slide.  At that point, I hide features I don't need, etc. I tried to copy or duplicate my original slide and paste it on the blank results slide, but I couldn't.  That means I have to redo the results slide for each quiz question?

Also, somehow, I ended up with a "Review" slide.  When I do the first quiz question, instead of letting me redo it if I get it wrong, it goes to the review.  Then, if I click "Next", I can go to the next question.  Basically, I don't know how to make the game continue from one question/correct or incorrect ans. sequence to the next (Slide 1.4).  

I'm attaching the game so far.  Thank you, again. 

Jeanette Brooks

No, you don't need a separate result slide for each question. The result slide reports the final results for whichever quiz questions you associate it with. You can delete the result slide 1.3. 

Regarding the navigation from the feedback layers on the 1st question:

  • Go to the Try Again layer and delete the second trigger on the Try Again button. The only trigger on that button should be to Hide Layer, which allows the learner to go back to the question and try it again. 
  • Go to the Incorrect layer and select the Continue button. Change the "Jump to" trigger so that it goes to whichever slide you want hte learner to see next (rather than going to the result slide).
Nina  Weinstein

I'm wondering if I need to redo the feedback layers (You're right/That's not right) for each question or if I can copy them.  There are a lot of graphics, etc. on this game, and for Slide 1.4, I had to redo each feedback layer slide.  Those slides wouldn't copy or duplicate.  What am I doing wrong?

I'll follow your directions for the first question feedback layers.  Also, why is there a "Review" slide?  Once I can make it flow, then I can finish the questions.

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

Jeanette Brooks

You should be able to copy stuff from the feedback layers, but remember that you'll need to look at the triggers on the Continue and Try Again buttons, to make sure they are doing what you intend (and that you don't somehow have a bunch of stray/leftover triggers that you don't need.

I don't see a "review" slide. I do, however, see a review button on your result slide, which allows the learner to go back and review their answers to the questions associated with that result slide. If you don't want learners to have that option, you can go to your result slide in Storyline, click Edit Result Slide (above the trigger panel), then click the Options tab, and unmark the box that says "Allow user to review quiz."

Nina  Weinstein

I did everything you suggested, and it all worked, except for one piece. On Slide 1.2, for the "Incorrect" slide, when I click on "That's still not right . . .", sometimes the words disappear, and I usually have to click twice to go to the next slide.  Sometimes, it doesn't go to the next slide.  What am I doing wrong?

Thank you, again, for all of your help. When I can get all of this to work, I can work on the content and finish the first level of the game.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Nina,

I'm not sure what's going on there - it looks like there is somehow some formatting or something that is throwing the behavior off  a bit. When in doubt, I usually try re-creating the states, or recreating the object itself, and that typically clears things up. You're welcome to submit that issue to our support team for further troubleshooting; however in the meantime see if the attached file works for you. I just re-built the shape and added 2 triggers to it. (BTW, initially one of your triggers had the learner jumping to a specific slide; I just changed it to "next slide" since I presume you'll want people to move through the content in a linear way.)

Jeanette Brooks

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