Difficulty passing variables to LMS as a quiz result

Jun 15, 2022

I have been looking through the forums trying to find a way to have SL360 pass a specific variable to our LMS (Scorm1.2) as the score for an activity instead of a quiz score.  I found this link (https://articulate.com/support/article/Storyline-360-How-to-Send-the-Value-of-a-Variable-to-an-LMS), but the xAPI command won't work.  Also, setting up the hidden short answer survey quiz, when going to adjust the variable, SL360 won't allow me to select any variable I have created.  For example, I have a variable (TotalScore), which is a total of 2 other variables that change throughout the training.  I am not allowed to select this variable when I want to change the variable of the short answer quiz, as per the above guide.  I've also looked at https://www.swiftelearningservices.com/articulate-storyline-sending-learner-score-to-lms-using-javascript/ and was attempting the Javascript function, to no avail.  It seems like the ability to do this has been brought up in discussions for over the last 7 years and no built in way to make a simple variable change has been added as a feature.  Any ideas of what I can do to make this work would be greatly appreciated.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Brannon.

Thank you for reaching out!

Since you're publishing in SCORM, you will want to use the steps to send the value of a variable through a hidden survey question

You mentioned that you couldn't set the variable to TotalScore using the short answer slide. My guess is that TotalScore is a numeric variable. Since the TextEntry on that slide assigns it to a text variable, those two types cannot be mixed. Instead, can you use a "How Many" question type?

Let me know if that works!

Joseph Francis

Several years ago, Sam Coulson published the list of the available functions in LMSAPI.js. As they rely on the presence of the corresponding fields in your the LMS, they may or may not not work. As Sam states in his post, "This is advanced coder territory, reverse-engineer with caution."

Help with JavaScript and pulling data from an LMS

Billi Switalski

I'm not alone! I did the survey How Many slide and tied it to a Survey results slide, but the score is not passing. Plus, if the score is below 80% the system is sending "passed" yet it should be incomplete/Failed.  What am I doing incorrectly? 

I have two quizzes. One is calculated as 30% of the overall score and the other is 70% of the overall. I'm able to combine the scores on to a Quiz Results slide, yet the Results variable built-in cannot be changed. 

Any help would be great!


Luciana Piazza

Hi Billi, 

Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your Survey Results. I understand your frustration! 

I'd love to test this out on my end. If you could please share your .story file to this thread or privately in a support case, we can take a closer look to see what the issue might be.

Looking forward to hearing from you!