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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marcos,

Storyline only allows for one resource tab, and you cannot separate it into folders. That does sound like a cool feature request though! 

You could make custom tabs that point a slide though where you could house the hyperlinks to your resources? Here is an example of how to do it in a lightbox slide.

Marcos Dutra

Thanks, Ashley,

I've setup the lightboxes as you suggested, with links to the files, but he links don't work , even after publishing the project on the web. I was able to create the lightboxes and insert all the files. 
Am I doing something wrong? Does it mean that the files can't be embedded in the project (only external links)? 
I see that I have no "external files" folder in the output. Before they were working, but they were under the resources tab, and not under the new lightbox tabs like now.
I have unchecked the resources tabs in the player settings. Maybe is that why the files disappeared? 

Can I send you the link to the published project in private? 

Any help will be appreciated.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marcos,

Did you upload the published output to your webserver? If not, that could explain why things aren't working - as you'd need to be testing it in the intended environment as described here. 

I'd be happy to test it out, and if you're linking to files located on your local drive I'll need a copy of the .story file and the files separately as they won't be in the .story file until you publish. You can send along to me here.

Marcos Dutra

I have opened the support request.

Yes, I did upload it. 
I was expecting that the files from the local drive would be embedded into the output. 
What is happening is that no "external files" folder was created in the project. The links point to a non-existent address in the server, to files that were not uploaded because they were not inserted in the projected when I published it. 
Is the only solution to upload the files by hand (FTP) one by one?

Marcos Dutra

If I create the directory with the crazy address the links are pointing to and upload by hand (FTP) the files, it works. (just did it).

But it is an ugly solution. Is it supposed to be this way? 
I'm sure it would also create problems if I export to a CD. 

What is strange is that if I put the files in the resources tab, then Articulate will publish them inside an "external files" folder. 

Ashley Terwilliger

No worries Marcus - did you get my email response? It would have come from Support(a)articulate.com 

Also, once I opened your file I noticed you were linking to documents that begin with Mac/Dropbox - and that indicates to me they're not local documents or that you're using the shared profile with your Mac environment - both of which are no-nos! Check out this article for directions on working in a Mac environment. 

Marcos Dutra


First of all, thanks for Ashley for the great support. 
It seems I was not able to insert the attachment files directly as links because I was indeed working with Parallels. A word of advice: Parallels is only trouble when working with Articulate. Forget about it, use Bootcamp instead. For me, it would be impossible to disconnect the Mac drive, since all my resources, pictures , etc, were in that drive. I would have to start from scratch.

However, Ashley showed me how to use a "story_content" command to insert external files in the links. It worked, but it is necessary to first create a "resources"  tab and insert all the files there. I did this, and hid the resources tab in all slides (painful job, you have to do it one at a time). Only then I was able to create the links to the attached files in my lightbox tab slides.