Disable Next button on slide when first viewed but then enable Next button when revisited.

Hello Hero's,

In my project many on slides there will be a hot spot I want the learner to click to advance to the next slide and NOT use the Next button. But if they revisit the slide I want them to be able to use the Next button to advance and not have to use the hot spot again. What triggers or slide properties can I use to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for you assistance, Regan

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Jerry Beaucaire

If you have your slides set to RESUME SAVED STATE when revisited, this could be done with a single trigger added to your hotspot clickables.   Right before your trigger on the hotspot to go to the next slide, add a trigger to enable the NEXT button.

You will probably need a trigger at the beginning of the slide's timeline to disable the NEXT button so they don't see it until when that new trigger enables it.