Adding Hostspots to Trigger Conditions

Hi All!

I am working on a project and would like to only allow users to click  the next button and proceed with the presentation after they have clicked on the three hot spots I have on that page (and visited the three subsequent pages linked with each hot spot). The problem is, I do not see the hot spots as an option when adding conditions to the trigger that advances the slide upon clicking the next button.   Is it an option to use hot spot clicks as a trigger condition? If not, do you have suggestions on how  I can achieve a similar end through different means? Thanks!

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Michael Hinze

Instead of hotspots, I would use transparent objects. Hotspots have no states. Transparent objects though can have a visited state that can then be used in conditions on the Next button, e.g. jumpto Next Slide when user clicks Next button IF object01' state=Visited, AND IF object02' state=Visited, etc.