Disable Next Button Until All Hotspots Visited (Storyline 360)

Sep 21, 2020

I promise I'm searching through the old discussions friends (and have watched a couple of tutorials) - just not finding the answer yet.

The Next button on my slide needs to be disabled when Timeline Starts until my learners hover over each of 4 hotspots on my slide. I've dutifully created 4 variables, one for each hotspot, that will change to "true" when the hotspots are hovered (each hotspot hovered shows a separate layer of content). The sequence of hovers should be flexible: I don't care which is hovered first or last, only that each hotspot is hovered over once.

How do I set up the simplest trigger condition to re-enable the Next button? 

I've tried disabling until all the variables are true, but it's unclear to me what triggering event to use: Timeline Starts doesn't seem to work. 

Grateful for the hand-holding here my heroes!


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Tom Kuhlmann

If you're using T/F triggers, I'd put them on the layers rather than the hotspot.

  • Change state of next button when timeline starts
  • On layers: Adjust variable to True when visited
  • When using variables you don't know which layer (or hotspot) they're visiting. So you need a trigger on each layer/hotspot to change the state of Next button to normal when variable changes on the condition that the other ones are true.

A different way to do it

  • Instead of hotspots, created a transparent shape with a visited state
  • Then you can change state of button to normal when the state of all shapes is visited
  • Variables give you more control, but states may be easier.

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