Disable Next Button Until each Radio Button Has been Visited

Sep 14, 2020

Hi friends! I have 5 radio buttons all in one set (only one button can be selected at a time, not multiple, because clicking each triggers the display of unique content). I don't want to re-enable the Next button on the slide until each of the radio buttons has been visited. Unfortunately, there's no such state as visited. What is the easiest way to set this up? (I don't have to create a "visited" state for each of the buttons do I?)

Thanks very much!


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Dave Cox

Hi Ash,

There are probably several solutions to your situation, but it is dificult to suggest the best one with such limited knowledge of your project.

One way you could do this would be to use a trigger to set a variable when each radio button is clicked, and then check the state of the variables. 

If you could share your project, or a facsimile of your project, someone could help you more.


Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a tutorial that may help.


  1. Set the initial state to normal for the button
  2. Create a visited state for the buttons
  3. Create a trigger to disable next when slide starts
  4. Create a trigger to change state of next to normal when states of buttons are all visited
Rich Chapman

Wow, Tom - just wow! That was a beautiful, clear exposition. I was overthinking the amount of work as far as creating "visited" states for each of my buttons. Didn't want to do that 5 or 10 times and forgot how easy the format painter makes the process. Still a little surprised a default "visited" state isn't already included with the stock radio buttons (surely I'm not the first person to want this). Really grateful you took the time to create the video tutorial for me - I hope that it will benefit other rookies as well - thanks again!


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