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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

can you see that each of the text entry fields are validating correctly?

Might be easier if you upload the slide for someone to help if they can work with your setup

Update: I did a sample based on your image with triggers and its working for me unless I misunderstand what you are doing

Greg Faust

Sarah, are you intentionally doing this differently from what the original post was trying to do? In the OP, the idea was to let the "Jump to Next Slide" trigger function only if the student has put something in every text entry. Assuming "000" is the default value of your textentry variables, it looks like you've made it so the layer "touch" only appears when the student has put something in every text entry.

Sarah Burgart

Wendy, with your upload, it shows the layer even if I don't enter anything into the fields - which I don't want. I don't care what they put into the fields, but I want the learner to be unable to proceed until they enter something in each field.

I will work on figuring out how to upload the slide itself.

I also noticed you didn't set a default value for the text boxes - I couldn't figure out how to use them without doing that ...