Disable Player Next Button until all scenes are visited

Aug 08, 2017

Hi everyone.  I've been searching for help on this problem I'm having, but I'm not finding a solution.  And I can't get my idea to work no matter what I've tried so far.

Let me explain:

The Story file is branched. When the users reach a certain slide (the last slide in Scene 1), they're given the option of going down whichever path they choose by clicking on a shape that has Normal, Hover, and Visited states.  When they click on the button it jumps them to a new scene, and the last slide of that scene jumps them back to the last slide in scene 1. Now they can pick another, and so on, until they've visited them all.

After they've visited all of the scenes (clicked on all of the options on the last slide of scene 1), I want the player's Next button to be active, allowing them to proceed to a couple final slides (conclusion/summary, thanks for watching.. blah blah). 

How in the world can I disable the player's Next button on the last slide of Scene 1 until they've clicked on all the buttons to visit the other scenes? 

Any and all help is welcome.  :)  Thanks a million!

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Anna Grillo

Hi Matthew, 

First, try adding a trigger to change the state of the next button to Hidden when the timeline of the last slide in Scene 1 starts. 

Then, add a trigger to change the state of the next button to Normal when the timeline starts IF each shape on that slide is equal to Visited. 

Check out the attached file for a very basic example of these triggers in action. 

Matthew Thompson

Thank you, Anna.  I neglected to mention that I'm using Storyline 2 (no other option - it's what I'm stuck with at work).  I'll try your recommendation. 


It's functioning exactly how I wanted!  I swear I overcomplicate things sometimes.  Thank you for providing the solution to my problem.  :) 

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