If... Then...? Can we add alternate triggers?

Jul 23, 2013

OK... this is a little bit complex but I'm hoping there's a way to achieve it.

I have a slide with 3 buttons for the user to choose which scene they want to go to first. After they've completed that scene, I'd like to head them back to the 3 button slide again, to choose another scenario. Again, after completing the second scene, I'd like to chuck them back to the 3 button slide, to be able to click on the last button to go to the final scene. 

After they've completed the final scene, I don't want the trigger for the Next button to return them to the 3 button slide - I want them to move on. The problem lies in the fact that they can choose to go to the different scenes in any order, so any of those three buttons could, in effect, be the last scene they choose.

Can I have the Next Button on the last slide of each of the three scenes EITHER go back to the choices slide OR go to a different slide IF all three buttons have already been pressed?

I hope you can understand what I'm after here....

Thanks in advance!

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El Burgaluva


Create one True/False variable for each scene, with the default value set to "False".

When you send the learner to Scene #1, fire the following trigger on the first slide in that section:

  • Adjust variable [nameofvariable#1] to True when timeline starts.

Repeat for the other sections.


Add the following conditional triggers to all your [NEXT] buttons:

  • Jump to [slide/section: Choices] when user clicks [Next button] IF variable#1=False OR variable#2=False OR variable#3=False
  • Jump to [slide/section: Move On] when user clicks [Next button] IF variable#1=True AND variable#2=True AND variable#3=True.

Hope that helps!


Jane Booth

I Hi again, Leslie - I tried it out and it worked. There was just a couple of things that I changed - I thought they might work and it's all good, I think

I added the following triggers to the LAST slide's [Next Button] in each scene:

  • Jump to [slide/section: Choices] when user clicks [Next button] IF variable#1=False OR variable#2=False OR variable#3=False
  • Jump to {Move On] when user clicks [Next button]
  • I didn't need to add any conditions to the second trigger because the first trigger would have already fired if it had found a 'FALSE' value in any of the scenes.

    Thanks again for your help! That was great, Leslie - you're my eLearning Hero of the Day!

    El Burgaluva

    Jane Booth said:

    I added the following triggers to the LAST slide's [Next Button] in each scene

    Yes, that's right. When I italicized "all", I meant "all the LAST" [NEXT] buttons. Bit confusing, eh? Glad you clarified for anyone that could have gotten lost there.

    Re: not needing to add conditional statements to triggers because of their order...

    Good point. However, I tend to put a "failsafe" in anyway because I've had erratic behaviour with Storyline on these kinds of things in the past and as you probably know, if a program gets confused as to the next action, it simply stops.

    Anyway, I'm glad you were able to get it working.


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