Disable “Skip Player Navigation” feature exploit?

Feb 21, 2018

Having an issue with students exploiting the use of Storyline's built-in accessibility feature to skip past Restricted playback slides by pressing the “Enter” and Spacebar” keys.

Is there a way to disable this feature?

While hopefully still using Storyline’s built in “Prev” and “Next” buttons?

Thanks in advance.


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Melissa Morrison

When the Ecolab initial screen comes up, I click Next. Then for the Confined Space Entry slide, Father and Son slide, and Home slide I’m able to click the space bar consecutively, taking me to the quiz. I’m able to click during the audio (without it finishing) and advance. I don’t have my cursor on the Next button.

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Mirko Brandi

Dear Articulate staff,

I still have troubles with the malfunctioning signalled by Derrel, even if using the new update (update 3) of Storyline 3.
Indeed, the malfunctioning has been fixed for HTML5, but the possibility to skip restricted playback slides is still on for those browsers that use Flash.
Do you plan to fix this malfunctioning soon? Or do you intend to dismiss any Storyline compatibility with Flash?
We are actually working with Customers that use browsers with Flash for running the courses, but also need to have restricted slides.
I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Melissa Morrison

Thank you, Leslie,

We tested another course we have here. This course is not branched, so while we see some issues with skipping, not nearly as many or the same. It happens about every other slide. Can you help answer why this is? Is it different publish settings? Branching vs linear?

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