Disable user interaction on multiple choice questions on the Correct answer layer?

Sep 30, 2021

Slide has multiple choice quiz with users expected to click the radio buttons to select the correct answers.

If User gets the correct or incorrect answers, they are taken to the Correct! or Incorrect! layer slide (see attachment).

On the Correct! layer slide I have put the same multiple-choice quiz so the user gets confirmation of the correct answers.

However, the radio buttons on this layer are clickable. I don't want the user to click on those buttons - how do I stop the radio buttons from being clickable, please?

The only place I want my user to click is the NEXT SLIDE button. 

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Meera Lynn
Den Miden

Hi Meera,

You may wanna draw a 100% transparent (no outline) rectangle over your radio buttons.

Hi Den.

I tried the transparent rectangle (Insert > Shape) but the radio button was still clickable. However, you did open my eyes to another option. I placed a Hotspot over the buttons I don't want the user to click. This hotspot has no triggers at all. Now the radio button under that hotspot is not clickable/static.

Many thanks for making me think outside the box :)