Disabled Button doesn't display Disabled State

I have a custom Submit button on a Multiple Choice slide. On each of the Feedback slide layers is a button that sets this custom button to disabled and hides the feedback layer (so the user can see the question again)

The Feedback layer button does physically disable the button but it doesn't show as its disabled state (dark gray).

I checked the states of the custom button and they are correct.

Oddly this works correct on the FIRST MC slide I have but none of the others. I did copy and paste the buttons from the first slide but made sure the triggers were referencing the right objects on the slide.

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Randall Sauchuck

I was informed that this is how the Disabled formatting is supposed to work. If your button has a Visited state then when you set the button to disabled it cobbles together a version of the 2 states to display. The weird thing is that I had copied the button in question from one slide to another. It worked the way I expected it should on the first slide (gray background) but on the second slide it display the weird mixed state


/tldr/ if you want consistent disabled buttons, eliminate all other states beside Normal, Hover, and Disabled