Disabled states acting as normal

Oct 11, 2018

Hi All,

I hope you can help shed some light on a few issues myself and my colleagues are experiencing within Storyline 360.

We’re working on courses for a client, and are experiencing these issues in all of them. Please see issues listed below.

1. Disabled state acting as Normal: We have several next buttons which are built from 2 shapes copied and pasted into 1 shape via the states - A transparent circle and a chevron in the middle. All of the triggers set to the shape are ‘go to next slide or go to slide x’. This shape works perfectly for the most part, until you set the state to Disable. When it’s in the disable state and you click it during the preview it will still progress to the next slide. We’ve built these buttons again and again from scratch but the issue still persist. The only work around we’ve found for now is adding another transparent shape on top of it.
2. Layers: Another issue we have is with layers. We have a few slides where the next button shows a layer which has another next button with a trigger to jump to next slide. When clicking the next button on some of these slides, the layer will appear for a split second and then proceed to the next slide. We are 100% sure and confident there are no other triggers causing this and have even created new layers with new triggers and new buttons but the issue persists. The odd thing though is it’s very sporadic, sometimes it works during a preview and other times it doesn’t.
3. Back button: All back buttons are set to ‘Jump back to slide x’ however some will jump to slide x during one preview, but on another preview they will jump to slide y, even though no changes have been made.

All of these issues seem to have one thing in common, and that’s the next/back button. To summaries the issue it seems like the buttons have cache memory and are holding on to previous triggers when copying and pasting, however, we have rebuilt several of these buttons from new objects and they still mimic the issue on occasion which is bizarre.

Another issue unrelated is the Reset to initial state. On some slides, the reset to initial state doesn’t work. For example, we have a slide which shows a layer before proceeding to the next slide. When you press back, the layer appears not the base layer, even though the slide is set to reset to initial state.

We’d appreciate any help or advice on this as we’ve lost a lot of valuable time having to provide work arounds for these issues which shouldn’t exist.

Please let us know if you require any further information.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Derek,

This sounds like items we can certainly help you out with, so thanks for reaching out.

If you could share your .story file, that would allow us to take a peek at how you've built these items and get to the bottom of what you are experiencing.

You can simply attach right here in the forums to your reply using the 'Add Attachment' option in the bottom left:

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