Disabled vs Visited states

Nov 27, 2012

I have a slide that branches off in 4 different directions based on the content topics.

The learner must complete all 4 topics before completing the final quiz, and I have successfully created a trigger that changes the "attempt quiz" button from disabled to normal once all 4 topics are "visited". Easy enough.

The learner needs to click on a character (clipart image) to branch off in one of the 4 directions. I have set the following states for each character:

Normal, Hover, Visited and Disabled

I am trying to disable the character image once it becomes visited, to prevent the learner from accidentally clicking on a topic that they have already successfully completed.

To do this, I have created a trigger:

Change state of (character) to disabled once user clicks.

It works as I want it to when I preview the slide (haven't previewed the scene), but it doesn't work in the published version.

Is my "disabled" trigger wrong? I can't seem to change the state to disabled once the same character is "visited" - the option isn't presented to me.

Hope this makes sens and thanks in advance.

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El Burgaluva

Hi, Leonard

If I'm understanding correctly...

* Four clip-art characters (or the same character in four different poses)

* The clip-art functions as the "button" taking the learner to particular slide or layer

* You want the learner to jump to that slide or layer upon clicking a character

* You want that button to be disabled when the learner returns to the branching slide (or base layer)

Is that right?

If so, why do you even need a Visited state?

Option 1 (with triggers in this order):

  • Change state of [character1] to disabled when user clicks
  • Jump to Slide #xxx when user clicks

Option 2

  • Create four T/F variables (e.g. char1, char2, etc.) with default value = false
  • Put a trigger on the Slide or Layer: Change state of variable:char1 to true when timeline of slide/layer starts  


  • Add four triggers to the branching slide/base layer: Change state of character-1 to disabled when timeline starts if variable:char1  is equal to true.

Option 2 is much more complicated, but I don't know if Option 1 will actually work properly. I'm just doing this off the top of my head; you'll have to test it.

Hope that helps,


Leonard Puglia

Thanks again Leslie,

I have created a visited state to activate another trigger which makes the "attempt quiz" button active.

But you are right... I can easily change the trigger of the "attempt quiz" button be change state to normal once all 4 topics are "disabled".

I'll try that and let you know how I go.


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