Disabling/ enabling next button not working in review 360

Jun 13, 2022


I want my next buttons to be disabled until a user clicks on all buttons and views all layers on the slide. I have a variable created, trigger to change state of next button to disabled when the timeline starts on this slide if variable = value false, a trigger to change state of next button to normal when variable changes, and a trigger to set variable to value true when the state of all the buttons is visited.

This works when previewing the slides but is not working in the review 360. In review 360, the next button is disabled but is not re-enabling after I click on each button and I am not able to move forward.

Is there a reason for this, how do I fix it?

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Carley, 

Looks like you have the logic all set in your course. I'd like to ask a few questions to help clarify your experience:

  • Is the issue happening only when your course is published to Review 360? 
  • Did the same setup work for you before?

Also, would you mind uploading a copy of your project file here so we can take a look at why the next button is not behaving as it should?