Disabling "Next"

I have a page with five hotspots on it. I do not want learners to proceed with the course until they have clicked on all five hotspots and have interacted with the content.

How do I disable the "next" button until all five hotspots have been viewed?

I tried disabling "next" in a previous question and none of the tips worked for me.


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Garth Yorko

You can do with with a pretty simple set of True/False varaibles.  Create 5 True/False variables, one for each hot spot.  Set the initial valiue to False.

Add a trigger to each Hotspot that, when clicked, adjusts the varaible associated with that hotspot to true.

Then add a condition to the trigger associated with the Next button.  The condition would be that all the hot spot variables are equal to true.  The connector is AND

Add another trigger to the next button to show the Error layer if of the hot spot variables is equal to False  (the connector is OR)

See attached file.