Disabling Next Button Until All Layers are visited

May 30, 2018

OK...I'm stumped! I've been scouring these help boards and have followed the directions but I still can't get my training to work. I have 5 buttons that I want users to visit before they can get to the next slide. I have a trigger that adjusts the variable of layers complete when the value is true when the state of all buttons are visited. I also have a trigger to jump to slide on the condition that layers complete equals to true, yet the next button is fully accessible right away. I've attached my file for review. It's slide 1.21 as well as 1.30. Thank you!

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Tom Kuhlmann

The course is set to restricted navigation and the next button becomes available when the timeline ends. So you need to have a way to disable and enable the next button based on user interaction.

  • You could set a trigger to disable the next button when timeline ends. That keeps it disabled.
  • And then set a trigger to change the state of the next button to normal when your visited conditions are met such as states are visited.
  • Then you just need a trigger to jump to the other slide and no need to use the variable since it's only going to jump to the other slide if it's enabled.
Christina Chartrand

Thank you Tom! I took the restriction off the navigation to experiment a little. I added a trigger to adjust the variable of layers complete to the value of true when the state of all buttons are visited. And added a condition to the "jump to slide" trigger of layers complete = equal to true and it's still not working. Yet a previous slide I have has the same concept...the triggers are exactly the same and it works.

Walt Hamilton

It is maybe not a well-known, but newly known bug (See Ashley's first Reply) in SL that using "State of XXX is ..." in a When statement only works if you have only three or four triggers on a slide. It seems like a wonderful idea, but more triggers than that, and it just doesn't work. (Note: this restriction doesn't apply if State of ... is used in the Conditions part of the trigger.)

You need to set the when clause of those triggers to fire based on an actual event (like "When timeline starts", or "When user clicks", or "When variable changes")

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