Storyline 2 | Slides able to be advanced before all layers are viewed

Mar 20, 2017

Help! Many of my slides have multiple layers. I have created a trigger as follows:

1st slide trigger position: Set AllLayersViewed equal to True when the state of (necessary objects/buttons) are Visited.

Player Triggers:

Jump to (necessary slide number) when the user clices the next button If AllLayersViewed is equal to True.

When course publishes, it requires user to click on one of the objects/buttons but then allows user to advance even though multiple other layers have not been "visited". What am I doing wrong?


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Jennifer Stolz

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the quick response. The .story file is huge and contains some company confidential information, otherwise I would post it here.

Yes, the initial variable is set to default "False".

Yes, the change variable trigger is set to On: "All of" with only those items that are required checked. Do I also have to enter something in the "On Condition:"?

Also, I have the trigger "Action: Jump to slide" set up with On Condition"AllLayersViewed = Equal to True".


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