Disabling Next button until all user clicks on all buttons

Hi Heroes,

I've been trying to find instructions on how to disable the Next button until interaction with the screen is complete. I have four rectangle objects on a slide to which I added triggers to show a specific layer when clicked.

Is there a way for me to track the clicks so that user must click on all four objects (to view the four associated layers) before they can click Next to continue?


Thanks :)

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Cary Glenn

Hi Kathy,

If you are using the built in "Next" button I would suggest to add a condition to the trigger. The condition would be:

And/Or: And

List: Shape (Radio Button)

If: "Shape Name"

Operator: == Equal to

State: Visited

You have to add a separate condition for each shape, and each shape must have the visited state.

You could also add a text box that says "You need to view each subject before you can advance" and then have a trigger on the button that says show text box if shape is equal to normal.

Terry Coe

you could disable the stock Next button and create one in the screen in a disabled state. then create a conditional trigger for it to turn to the normal state like what Cary had mentioned.

make sure that you include a condition for each button you want the learner to visit though, I learned that one through trial and error.

Tony Evans

Hi Guys Happy New Year!
I need a little help on this topic! Using SL2 

So I have a page with three objects when the user rolls over the object a layer displays with text, when they click it the are linked to another page (or 2)  then they come back to this one.

Triggers - I have a hide next button trigger  when the timeline starts.
I've added the follow trigger. Change state - Next button - Normal - when state - on [I have tick the three objects]  are visited. FYI I have added the visited states to the objects and they change colour. 

Now if I preview the SLIDE and click on each object they change colour but doesn't  show the linked slides (as I'm previewing the slide only) and after doing the three the next button appears. But when I preview the course and head off to the linked slides,  I come back the next button doesn't appear?? What I'm I doing wrong? 


Cheers Tony 




Wendy Farmer

Hi Tony

as you are 'heading off to linked slides' I recommend

  • changing the trigger to Change state - Next button - Normal - when timeline states on slide on condition  [I have tick the three objects] are visited
  • checking the slide with the three objects is set to 'resumed saved state' on revisiting (slide properties)

If that doesn't work, feel free to share you .story file and someone will try and help you.