Disabling other applications during a Storyline exam

Dec 03, 2015

We are building an exam that would require us to disable all other applications during the course (so as to discourage looking at offline resources).  Is there a way to disable or "lock" the computer while the exam is being taken?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Paul -- Thank you for your question, and the topic of preventing cheating or using the internet via multiple open browser windows at once is a subject that has been posed a number of times. While I am not aware of a way to stop it altogether, perhaps someone would know some sort of JS code you could use (although that is not something we could support). You may also want to check out these threads for additional insights on the topic of dishonest course completion as a whole. 

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Hope that helps, and that your fellow community members are able to assist you further, as well! :)

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