Multiple Browser Cheating


I'm designing my course with Articulate Storyline and a thought just came to mind, maybe this is an LMS question, what I want to know is that is it at all possible that learners may open a course on multiple browsers and thus be able to cheat on the assessment/ quiz? If its possible how can one go about preventing this without only putting a time limit to the assessment/ quiz.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Maumo,

Well.. kinda.. :)

It really truly depends on how the learners are accessing the course, what the revisiting settings are for the course and the LMS and how you're tracking/reporting for the course. 

For example, if the user are logging into the LMS, it shouldn't really matter what browser they use or how many they use, if the LMS is handling the resume function of the course. This is because, typically, they'll start where they left off when they log in again using another browser. Again, this really depends on how the course is being handled by the LMS and what options you're using. 

You might also want to ask yourself if the course is really one that would be cheat-worthy. Are the learners you're planning to share this with the type of users what would really take the extra time to cheat? If so, it might be worth looking at additional options to lock down the course in your LMS. If not, it may not be worth the effort.

Best of luck!